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Frequently Asked Questions...

How do I know this will be a good investment?    Investing in yourself and your own growth is the most valuable investment you can ever make.  Benjamin Franklin says, "If a man empties his purse into his head no one can take it away from him.  An Investment in knowledge always pays the best interest."  Once you learn how to think from an abundance mindset, you grow exponentially, and own that skill for life.

What if I don't want to go into debt to do this?    You are only creating "debt" when you spend money on something that depreciates in value over time.  Investing in education and personal growth is an investment that appreciates and increases in value over time.  Therefore this is a great investment.

What if I dont have the time?   If you want new resultsin your life you will find the time for what is important to you.  Brenda Wilbanks' coaching program is designed to fit into your busy schedule with ease.  If you cannot attend a live class for any reason, thats ok, many people access the class recordings online and they see the same amazing results as those who attend the class live.  

When does the weely class take place and how do I access it?   Your Coaching class will typically begin within 3 weeks of entering into your coaching agreement.  There will be 2 opportunities during the week to attend a live group coaching session through a free conference call phone number that will be provided.  

What will my success be in this program?  The question is, what kind of action will you take with what you have learned?  Ultimately, your level of commitment, focus, and execution of the success system you've been given will determine your results.  We assure you, if you do the work, you will see results.

Is there a payment plan?   Yes.  I am always willing to work with you.  You want to start where you are with what you have.  The way to look at this investment in yourself is to think outside the box creatively at all of the resources available to you..  Making a deposit sends a signal to the Universe to rush to your aid.